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Keeping Your Information Safe & Secure

 Liberty Utilities remains committed to safeguarding customer privacy.


Safety & Security

By December 2019, there were more than 98 million smart meters installed across the United States.* Liberty Utilities is pleased to join utilities across the country in implementing this technology to improve our customers' experience; reduce costs through efficiency; protect our environment through lower emissions; and strengthen our electric, water, and gas distribution networks for safe and reliable service today and in the future.
*Source: The Edison Foundation, Institute for Electric Innovation

  • Smart meters do not transmit personally identifiable information such as names or account numbers. The information that is transmitted is done so over secure networks.

  • Smart meter data is considered confidential and is protected by the same rigorous privacy and security safeguards that we use to protect other account information. Liberty Utilities will meet legal and regulatory standards and industry best practices, including ongoing security testing.

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