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Improving Your Customer Experience

Once our smart meter project is completed within a service region and the technology is fully activated, customers will enjoy numerous benefits.


Features & Benefits

  • Meter readings will be automated. This means few to no estimated bills.

  • Automated meter readings provide cost savings with fewer service calls and service trucks on the road. This also reduces vehicle emissions, protecting the environment.

  • Starting or stopping service will be done more quickly and efficiently.

  • Customers can better track and manage usage throughout the month with near real-time usage data provided through a simple, user-friendly website portal.

  • Smart meter information helps our service teams troubleshoot and resolve problems with equipment or services and provides timely outage and safety alerts. This helps customers by reducing the need for them to call to report issues or outages.

  • Smart meters help to modernize the energy grid and our distribution systems. This helps to improve reliability and service restoration when an outage or issue occurs.

  • Smart meters also help our utilities plan for the future by providing precise analysis to help us design pricing plans and service options that match customer needs and energy and water use.

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