Energy Audits and Insulation

Home Performance with Energy Star

An in-home energy audit is the first step in making your home more efficient. An audit will evaluate your home’s characteristics and energy usage and provide recommendations on ways you can improve efficiency and save money. There is a $100 fee for this service, which includes diagnostic testing for air and duct leakage ($100 audit fee is reimbursed if you move forward with weatherization recommendations.)

You can receive a 50% rebate on up to $4,000 in services for qualified energy efficiency improvements. Incentives are available to replace inefficient lighting and refrigerators and to add insulation and air sealing. Homes heated with oil, propane, wood, natural gas, kerosene, or electricity may qualify.

How to get started:

It all starts when you complete the Home Heating Index application at You’ll get customized results for your home and heating situation. If you qualify for the program, the site will display a link to an enrollment application and instructions. For details visit

For more information please email If you have 5 or more units in your building, please call 1-603-216-3698 for additional rebate information.

Program applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rebates are limited and available to qualifying applications until the program budget is depleted.

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