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Liberty Utilities Completes Acquisition Woodson-Hensley Water Company

Hensley, Arkansas – September 30, 2016 – Liberty Utilities has announced the completion of its acquisition of Woodson-Hensley Water Company (Woodson-Hensley). Woodson-Hensley is an Arkansas non-profit corporation founded in 1964 to build, own, and operate a water storage and distribution system to serve the communities of Woodson and Hensley. The corporation serves 453 customers, primarily residential.

“We have been working together with Woodson-Hensley staff to ensure a smooth transition. We’re looking forward to delivering high-quality service to all of our new water customers for decades to come,” said David Pasieka, President of Liberty Utilities.

Woodson and Hensley, Arkansas are unincorporated towns located approximately 20 miles north of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Liberty Utilities currently maintains an office, walk-in center, and customer service team in Pine Bluff. The utility also serves customers in White Hall, Arkansas.

“Liberty Utilities maintains Arkansas-based management and staff to ensure experienced local employees who are focused on delivering safe, reliable water services,” said Pete Lucas, General Manager of Liberty Utilities Arkansas. “Our goal is to provide a positive customer and community experience by delivering ‘best-in-class’ customer care at the local level and continuing to be an active participant in the community.”

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