Overview of the Project

Liberty Utilities’ sister company, Algonquin Power Co., is an active developer, owner, and operator of generation projects including solar generating facilities that provide energy to utilities under long term contract. Borrowing on some of Algonquin Power Co.’s skills, Liberty Utilities, through one of its regulated electric utilities, Calpeco, broke ground on its first solar facility, the Luning Solar Energy Center (Luning Project). This 50 MW project will include construction of a 120 kV power line, approximately 1.6 miles long, from the solar facility to NV Energy's existing Table Mountain Substation. From this point of interconnection, Calpeco can transmit the energy from the Luning Project to delivery points within its service territory.

Currently, Calpeco is purchasing 100% of energy requirements under wholesale power purchase agreements. With the new solar facility, the company will generate 25% of its needs using utility owned, renewable generation.