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Liberty Listens - Customer Panel

Liberty invites you to join its online Customer Advisory Panel, Liberty Listens. This is a panel consisting of customers who are interested in providing feedback through online surveys. By joining the panel and participating in surveys, you will help us better understand our customers’ needs and expectations so we can continue to improve the service we provide.


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If you are interested in participating in the panel, click the link below to begin the registration process.
You will be directed to a registration survey.
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  • A customer advisory panel is a group of individuals who have willingly opted to participate in surveys and discussion designed to provide input on products and services for research purposes.

    The Liberty Listens community is made up of residential and business customers who are interested in sharing their ideas and opinions with Liberty by participating in brief, confidential, online surveys. It’s your chance to get a sneak peek at what we're planning and help us deliver the best products to meet your needs. By providing your feedback, you will help shape programs and services for the future and raise awareness of customer expectations.

  • We are asking you to participate for one calendar year. Afterwards, you will have the option to remain on the panel. However, your participation is always entirely voluntary, and you may choose to discontinue your panel membership at any time using the opt-out link included in emails from Liberty Listens. You can also email us at

  • The first survey you complete, called the Customer Profile Questionnaire, will take approximately five minutes to complete. Following surveys will take between seven-ten minutes per survey. You can expect to receive one to four surveys per year.

  • You can expect to receive one to four surveys per year.

  • At any time, you may choose to opt-out of the panel by clicking the opt-out link at the bottom of our emails. Please note that when you unsubscribe, we will stop sending you customer advisory panel emails and also deactivate your membership to the panel.

    Please note, unsubscribing from customer advisory panel emails will not unsubscribe you from receiving other emails you receive from Liberty such as e-bills, newsletters, and other surveys. Please follow opt-out links provided in those emails should you wish to unsubscribe from them.

  • Yes, all current Liberty customers are eligible to participate.

  • Yes, the customer advisory panel is open to all Liberty customers.

  • We will review and consider all feedback provided in the surveys. Our goal is to improve programs, services and overall business practices and work to provide customers with the highest level of service possible. We will also use the information provided in the surveys to help plan for future Liberty initiatives i.e. programs, designs, functionality, etc.

  • If you’ve expressed interest in joining our panel, we will email you at the address you provided us to invite you to participate and to complete surveys. You may unsubscribe from receiving customer advisory panel emails at any time.

    If you participate in our panel, we will also collect personal information including your demographic and household information, and your opinions and other insights.

    When you first join, we will ask you to complete a survey which will help us to get to know you. Your answers will allow Liberty to send you personalized and relevant Customer Panel communications, and to analyze insights you share with us as a panel member. We will not use the information you provide to market to you.

    We will use your survey responses to help us improve and develop our products and services, and learn how to promote them. We may combine your customer panel survey responses with previous survey responses you have provided to us, to help us learn more about your experiences with Liberty.

    Some survey responses are optional and you do not need to answer them to participate in our panel or complete our surveys. If you provide responses, we will use them to analyze the insights you share with us as a panel member.

    We will maintain your answers in confidence and will manage your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about privacy, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer using the contact options described in our Privacy Policy or at

     Privacy Policy 

  • You may remain on the panel for the duration of the calendar year.

  • While time spent completing each individual survey is not compensated, as a thank you for your participation, active panel members may receive an appreciation gift at the end of the year.

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