We use water every day.  Not only is it an important part our lives, but it is also critical to our survival.  Yet it is often taken for granted and given little thought as to how it gets to our homes and businesses.  When you turn on the faucet, you simply expect the water to be there. 

However, the journey of water reaching your tap isn’t quite as fast or as simple as rain falling from the sky.  There are multiple processes involved in delivering high quality, reliable water to our customers and communities.

Starting from the source, the water Liberty provides comes from underground aquifers 400 to 600 feet below the surface. Raw, untreated water is brought to the surface by pumps at Liberty’s well sites to help meet customers’ needs. Once the water is brought to the surface, it is disinfected and treated to comply with all state and federal water quality standards.

To help meet customers’ needs and expectations for high quality, reliable water service, Liberty also operates and maintains multiple water reservoirs and miles of underground pipes. “There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to provide the reliable water service our customers expect whenever they turn on their faucets,” said Joe Espinoza, Water Operator for Liberty in Arizona. “We also work at our well sites, reservoirs, and throughout the system to maintain a high quality of water.”

Liberty’s dedicated team of water professionals works hard to deliver safe, reliable water service to homes and businesses. You might not think about what it takes to treat and deliver water, but Liberty’s staff does.  In fact, the Liberty team thinks about it 24/7 and is working hard behind the scenes to deliver easily accessible, high quality water to you.   

To learn more about where your water comes from and how it gets to your tap, visit libertyenergyandwater.com.