Question About Your Rates?

Liberty Utilities is a regulated utility; our rates must be approved by state regulators. Rates reflect the cost to provide customer care, emergency and outage services, maintain and improve infrastructure and recover operating costs. Rates also reflect the cost and obligation of serving our customers safely and reliably.

When rates change we communicate these changes to our customers with bill inserts, advertisements in local newspapers and on this website.

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Understanding My Bill

To help you better understand the terms used on your bill, an example bill is provided for reference to walk through each item and identify terms you may wish to look up.  A reference Glossary of Terms summary is provided to help you navigate through to the description easily.

Electric Bill – StandardNatural Gas Bill - StandardNatural Gas Bill – Special Payment ArrangementGlossary of Terms - ElectricityGlossary of Terms - Natural Gas
Reduce Clutter — Go Paperless
Reduce Clutter — Go Paperless
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